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Halloween 2011 - The End

Another year folding with success :)

Big thanks to everyone for coming, suiters who make the outing what it is,
all the helpers: without them there could simply be no outing, and we know that the job can be ingrate at times.
Also to the other coordinators who run everywhere to make the outing as smooth as possible for you.
And all the others for participating and making the outing alive :)

Summary of the night

After the first scare of having to get out of the park, and Disney being kind and nice enough to let us back inside after 9pm, everything went mostly ok, no major problems this year. :)

We were able to coordinate the group smoothly, even in very crowded and crazy areas,
thanks everyone for your cooperation.

As usual the visitors were very enthusiastic to see us.
We got even many compliments about our group this year, people asking what we were, even some people who had met us last year and were looking for us this year, nice. :)

Of course as usual during the outing we have to face many unexpected things,
but nothing that could have been really planned ahead unfortunately.
We know that we had to do a long queue to go through the park at some point, but that was because of different unexpected thing after things.
Doing so allowed us to maximize what we were able to do during the night, otherwise it wouldn't have been possible to do space mountain for example, as we got it a few minutes before it was closing. :)

Interactions - Rides
This year was really a good balance between the two, and being able to do 3 major rides while not impacting the interaction time is always a good thing :)

Photos - video

Thanks also to all those who took photos and videos, it allows us to have nice memories of the outing after hand.
As usual send everything my way and I'll centralise them all for you to browse more easily.
We are not looking only for professional photos, and not only posed photos, actions shots or anything is fine to keep good memories of what happened and so on :)

If you don't know how to upload, simply send me a message and I'll explain to you.
You can also upload them somewhere else and point me to them for me to grab them
(I need an easy way to download them all in that case, thanks ;) )


If you have other remarks and feedback feel free to send them to: or post in the forum.

Well, that's all,
thanks again everyone,
and hopefully you enjoyed that last outing.

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