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Christmas 2012 - Children parties at the Rohan Castle


Children parties at the Rohan Castle

Hi everyone :) 
After the success from last year, the Saverne Hospital has invited us back for this year parties. 

More photos from last year available: here





This year the Saverne Hospital is organising two dedicated Christmas parties for the children of their staff and Hospital. We have been asked to provide mascots and to do some animation, play and bring fun and joy to the childrens and parents for these events. 

We happily answered positively and as such we are looking for participants (~3-4 costumes and 2-3 helpers) for each afternoon: 
- 5th of December 
- 12th of December 
(~600 invitations have been sent for the 2 dates so it looks like we'll be busy ;) ) 

The event will take place at the Castle of Rohan ( ~ 30 minutes from Strasbourg) 
Please note that this is a private, on invite only event with a limited number of participants. 
If you think that someone who has not received the invite might be interested by coming, let us know and we'll see about inviting that person. 
Travelling expenses can be refunded on demand, in that case you have to keep and give us all the original receipts and also give us a your bank account information for the refund. 
The Saverne Hospital also offers free hosting facility if needed . 

Keep in mind that due to the nature of the event, you need to stay professional at all time and are expected to be dedicated to your task during the entire event. :) 

If you are interested in participating, thanks to send your request by email to before the 16th of November, with the following information: 
- Name 
- First Name 
- Which date(s) you'd be interested in coming If you would like to come in costume or be a helper, and/or take photos / video. 
- In case you'd like to come in costume, send a photo of the full costume. 
- If you'd need travelling expense refund, send a rough estimation of that cost.
- If you need hosting for the night before the event
We will then process the requests and let you know the result by the 18th of November.

The Cartoonimal association team. 

Rohan castle photo by Rolf Krahl , Creative Common