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Pompidou 2012 & Bowling - The End

Here is another successful weekend folding.
Thanks to everyone for coming :)


Big thanks to the Exhibition organisers for inviting us, and special thanks to Grumpfbear and Djem for coordinating the outing. :)
The first photos have been posted there:
Thanks to the exhibition official photographer Hervé Véronèze for these first photos. 
More to come as we get them and don't forget to send us yours so that we can add them to the gallery ! :)

Friday - Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony went well, with the few visitors first, then with the ~300 guests for the ceremony.
We had enough to do to pose for photos and keep people entertained :)
Alain Seban the Head Director of the Pompidou center even asked to pose with our group at some point, and posted the photo to his facebook, which is nice :)
The organizers of the exhibition also thanks you all for your participation, as well as a few other guests that gave us their feedback, all were very pleased to see us. :)
So good job everyone :)


On Saturday, we could spread on the ground level / main Hall as well in addition to the Forum -1,
for even more interaction and photos, with visitors and tourists of all ages.
We really had a lot to do between entertaining with them and the usual photo shootings :) 

Sunday - Bowling

Very nice outing organised by furnace to conclude the weekend, big thanks to him and to the bowling owners for letting us come,
and giving us the huge ball room for changing and taking breaks. :)
The place was very nice, lots of space, and many visitors arriving all day long.
Lots of interaction, photos and fun ensued :)



Well, We hope you had fun, and see you for another adventure. :)