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Halloween 2011 - Information if coming in costume

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General reminders

The outing is long, 7-8 hours in suit, which means you must be used to long outings in difficult conditions, with many people around.
You must know your limits and signs indicating when you will reach your limits (before you reach them)
If you are a beginner, sorry, but that outing is not for you.
You must be almost sure that you can handle that duration in suit, otherwise,
start by doing other easier outings, and join us out of suit for this year. :)
We unfortunately don't have a dedicated room to change into suit. We do that on the parking lot (yes it's cold in November).
If you are uncomfortable with that you can eventually come already in suit to the parking lot, or try to arrange changing in one of the car on your own.
As per Disney's requirements your costume should be all public, and doesn't contain anything dangerous for you or others.
We don't really have high requirements ourselves, but our group aim is to bring animal characters to life,
as such your costume should look like one and not only be a human with a few animal features.
We reserve the right to decline your costume if we consider that it might not be appropriated or integrate well with our group.
You'd of course be welcome to join us out of suit in that case :)

Group & Signals

See the description on the General Info Page



You will have a dedicated helper associated to you.
You can give him what you need for the night, there will also be drinks and snacks available on the parking lot.
He will be identified by glow sticks and a blinking lanyard.
  • To make it easier for you to spot him in the dark, see about positionning them in a special and unique way.
  • Don't forget to give your helper your park ticket and ID.
  • Don't forget to get your ID back when the outing is over ;)



We will try to do breaks every 1-2 hours or when necessary.
Breaks are done out of sight, usually inside the toilets building.
When we do, simply follow the group inside, hydrate yourself regularly, eat light energy snacks, rest.
The breaks being spread every 1-2 hours, it's advised to make each of them, and not skipping any.
Even if you don't feel (yet) thirsty or exhausted. Just take the break.
Those who skip breaks are usually begging us shortly after for an emergency break because they can't take it anymore. ;)
We will however do what it needs, so if ever you feel that you can't keep going at all, just notify your helper or a coordinator.
Do it before it's too late No need to fall unconscious or get overly sick!



As a general rule never remove your head in public. Beside of course in case of an emergency.
But emergency doesn't mean comfort. If you feel too warm or such but can still keep going, then don't remove your head.
Stay professional through the all night.
This is one of the main requirement from Disney. And one of the keys to be allowed back every year.
The park if very very dark and crowded on that night, be very careful.
Your helper will try to see obstacles and guide you, etc.. , but they won't be able to see everything.
Be extra cautious about low ground obstacle, especially small children !
Unless necessary do not sign autographs, Disney tends to prefer if we do not.



In case you have any troubles or questions, notify immediately your helper and/or a coordinator.
This is important that we are made aware of it immediately.

On the move

When we need to cross very crowded zones, hold your helper's hand or another fursuiter's hand.
Usually to go through such areas we will form a chain of fursuiters / helpers
If you see this happening and that a fursuiter grabs your hand, immediately keep propagating the chain by grabbing the fursuiter's hand next to you, and so on.
It's a very important key point that allows us to move smoothly.
Thanks to do it and react quickly when it happens.
We know it's a bit boring sometime, but we'll mostly do it when absolutely necessary.
Keep in mind that forming the chain is also like a mini parade and is nice and visual for the visitors who will enjoy it :)

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