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Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011 outing night @ Disneyland Paris


On the halloween night the park is throwing together a special night from 5pm to 1am, where they allow visitors to come in costumes. 

The park is completely themed for the occasion, and generates a nice atmosphere that adds to the experience.

Just like every year since 2003, we'll try to get fuzzy critters joining the fun, and be there to assist you . :)

The event is open to everyone, with or without a costume.

The outing is focused on costumed performance and interactions with the public in the park. 
There is usually around 30000-40000 visitors on that night, so that gives us plenty to interact with ;)
We are also usually able to do a few rides depending on the queue times and technical difficulties, like space mountain, big thunder moutain, star tour, haunted manor, pirates. But if you come mainly for those, remember that we can't do everything, and that they are not our priority. 
Keep in mind that it's not 100% garanteed that you can make it in costume into the park, the entrance is bound to Disney's security acceptance on that day. If ever Disney wouldn't allow one or more in suit, or if it's raining a lot you'd have to come back and join the group out of suit.

If you are interested in joining the event proceed with the reading of the following pages, then send your registration request: 

    Thanks to read all the instructions and info that are in relation to you.
    As the group is growing more and more it is really mandatory that you are aware of what to do and follow them.
    Thanks to help us make the outing a success. :)
    ***Registration closed***