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Dreamnight - Sainte Croix Zoo-Parc

The Sainte-Croix Zoo-Parc (click here for German version) located near Strasbourg-Nancy-Sarrebrücken is organising its 6th Dreamnight on the 1st of June from 6pm to 10pm.

This event taking place around the world in more than 200 zoos and parcs aims to bring fun & entertainement to sick and disabled children who can attend for free on that evening.

We offered the Sainte-Croix parc to participate to their event and do what we do best: bring fun & dreams to these children and visitors on the parc during that evening.


Loups au parc animalier de sainte croix  The Sainte-Croix ZooParc is the biggest European fauna parc in France, with more than 1500 animals spread in "semi-freedom" open spaces over 120 hectares. 


Call for vonlunteers:

We need different types of volunteers to participate and help us reach our goal.

- Mascots: Keep in mind that because of the delicate type of event with sick and disabled childrens visitors, we need experienced participants who are used to public outings and who will be comfortable with this type of audience. If you have any doubts thanks to refrain from participating.

- Helpers: (helpers will have a global role and will help the group and keep an eye on the mascots through the outing)

- Photographer: We need at least one person who can take photos.


**Registration closed**

Deadline for submitting: 7th of May, registration requests might be closed before that date if we consider that we already have reached enough participants.

After this date we'll indicate the accepted participants.

Please note that this event is a private event and on invite only, participants spots are very limited, thanks for your understanding if ever we cannot accept everyone. We sent a good amount of invites based on a selection from the participant lists from the previous events, if ever you think someone who didn't receive an invite might be interested by the event, let us know and we will see about sending an invite to that person, do not direct anyone directly to this page or the registration form directly yourself., thanks.



Date: 1st of June 2012

Meeting: 5pm or before during the afternoon for those available.

Outing: from 6pm to 10pm, we will be free to wander around the parc and interact with the visitors.

Maximum participants: 10

Number of visitors expected on the parc for the evening: ~400

Location: parc animalier de Sainte-Croix (exact meeting point will be indicated later)

We will have a private room to change.



This type of event is very delicate, like any other outing thanks to be in time, show your best behaviour and presentation and leave a a good mark :)

Because of the sick and disabled children, thanks to be even more precautious than usual and be very vigilant.

Like any public event of this type there might be medias on site, you will most likely be taken in photos and videos, be it from the visitors or professionals.

Journalists and TV stations might be there too.

If you have a problem with that, thanks to not attend this event.


Well that's it, thanks everyone, and hopefully see you soon :)