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Non-profit association for animal mascot performers and their fans

Abouts us

Cartoonimal is a non-profit association ("Loi 1901") based in France.

The main goal of the association is to organise and find a variety of events where the animal mascots can perform and entertain. One of the goals of these events is also to allow the public and their fans to meet the mascots and have fun. Depending on your needs there is mostly likely a way we can help you and provide what you are looking for.


Sainte-Croix animal parc and ASNL Football Match

Hi everyone, 




Christmas 2012 - Children parties at the Rohan Castle


Children parties at the Rohan Castle

Hi everyone :) 
After the success from last year, the Saverne Hospital has invited us back for this year parties. 

Dreamnight 2012 - ZooParc Sainte Croix - The End

Another great successful outing :)


Many happy children, parents and adults too ;)



Pompidou 2012 & Bowling - The End

Here is another successful weekend folding.
Thanks to everyone for coming :)



Pompidou Center museum - Animals exhibition

The Pompidou center is organizing a 2 parts exhibition with one of its part centered on the animals, from the 27th of January to the 12th of February 2012.
That's a theme we should definitely fit into, as such we have seen with the organizers about participating and entertaining the visitors there in costumes.


Christmas parties at the Rohan Castle

The Saverne Hospital is organising two dedicated Christmas parties for the children of their staff and Hospital.
We have been asked to provide mascots and to do some animation, play and bring fun and joy to the childrens and parents for these events, we will also assist Santa Claus in the distribution of gifts to the Children.

We happily answered positively and as such we are looking for participants (~3-4 costumes and 2-3 helpers) for each afternoon:
- 7th of December
- 14th of December
(~600 invitations have been sent for the 2 dates so it looks like we'll be busy ;) )


Halloween 2011 - The End

Another year folding with success :)

Big thanks to everyone for coming, suiters who make the outing what it is,
all the helpers: without them there could simply be no outing, and we know that the job can be ingrate at times.
Also to the other coordinators who run everywhere to make the outing as smooth as possible for you.
And all the others for participating and making the outing alive :)

Summary of the night


Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011 outing night @ Disneyland Paris


On the halloween night the park is throwing together a special night from 5pm to 1am, where they allow visitors to come in costumes. 

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