Human Body Systems


Make it fun for kids to learn about five human body systems: circulatory, digestive, muscular, nervous and skeletal.

The Human Body Activity Pack includes information-packed posters, engaging layer books, science centers and human body craftivities. The easy to differentiate pack is perfect for kids from preschool through second grade.



–> Human Body Systems Posters (circulatory, digestive, muscular, nervous, skeletal, and a bonus brain poster)

–> Body Systems Layer Book (2 black and white versions and 2 color options)

–> Brain Puzzle

–> Brain Hat

–> Hand Bones Coloring Sheet

–> Hand X-ray Craft

–> Find Your Pulse Activity

–> Digestive System in a Bag


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“This has so many great resources in it, and added a lot to our human body unit. I was really happy with this purchase, and my kids learned a lot from the activities.” – Karen O.

“My students loved learning about their brains in this resource and are excited to learn more about the different body systems! The activities are fun and makes student learning memorable. The activities are varied and are hands-on, which makes this resource so easy to implement in the classroom!” – Miss Robinson’s Geniuses

“I was excited to use this resource with my students during distance learning. It helped to have easily shown posters with the different body systems easy to view. Excited to use this again in the fall!!” – Sarajane D.

“I actually used this to help my students practice and prepare for A is for Anatomy, which is part of the Science Olympiad competition at the elementary level. The visuals were perfect and the information added just enough to be helpful to prepare for any model identification.” – Lea H.

“Great resource with good graphics perfect for the age group. Lots of choices of activities. I used the brain cut out as a puzzle to talk about what each section of the brain does for the body. Wonderful!” – Debra C.

“Used this resource to create a project for a student with special needs to support what was being taught in the general education classroom. Student, parent and general education teacher all loved the resource and project the student was able to create. Thank you!” – Lisa T.