STEM Challenge: Geoboards


These geoboard STEM challenges build problem solving and design skills while working on geometry, counting, perimeter, angles, comparing and scaling at the same time. They’re jam packed with learning!

Just print the cards on cardstock, cut them apart, and grab a geoboard and rubber band set. Kids will love building all 45 designs.

Plus, as a bonus, the set also includes record sheets and challenge worksheets for kids who are ready for a next step.

The geoboard STEM challenges are a perfect compliment to our famous landmark challenges, toothpick structures, and craft stick puzzles!


“This is a must-have resource for your shape unit. The kids love these. And they can use them with geoboards in class as well as digital geoboards. You won’t regret this purchase!” – Jill H.

“Love these task cards! I created different stem bins and this is one of their favorite choices. Very engaging, easy center to set up. Nice graphics and colors.” – Heather Davis

“Loved how this added more depth to my geoboards. Students sometimes seemed lost when given geoboards and elastics, and I didn’t see a lot of benefits in regards to creativity and task execution. These little cards helped tremendously, providing ideas to spark creativity and guidance. I also love watching the process from start to finish, observing how students interpret the task cards and create their designs!” – Brittany M.

“My students love using the geoboard cards during math and free exploration time. They’ve started making their own cards for their friends to use too!! ” – Julie Culver

“Our students have responded very well to this product and use it as a calm down tool.” – Amber T.

“This was just the resource the kids needed for their fine motor and creative exploration.” – Christina W.