Roll and Cover Pattern Block Mats


These roll and cover pattern block mats are packed with serious math power! The no prep sheets work on shapes, counting, adding, fine motor skills, number recognition AND subitizing at the same time.

To play, kids roll either one or two dice (depending on the version they’re using), and cover the matching number with a pattern block.


–> a roll and cover sheet practicing the numbers 1-6

–> PLUS a roll, add and cover page working on adding together two numbers up to 12.



–> police car

–> fireman and hose

–> rose

–> swan

–> owl on a branch

–> number ten

–> lion

–> watering can

–> sailboat

–> castle

–> bird

–> penguin

–> train

–> hearts

–> elephant

–> gorilla

–> bee and flower

–> caterpillar

–> sun

–> fish


“This is such a fun and engaging activity for my kinders! We started with rolling one die and we are moving onto rolling 2 dice and adding them. I talked this activity up so much my team each purchased their own set.” – Susanne R.

“The children love these pattern block mats because they get to have fun playing with shapes and creating the pictures. I love it because they are not only having fun practicing shapes, but they are also counting, reading and writing numbers, and practicing addition.” – Tracy P.

“My students are so motivated to build the pictures, that they don’t even realize they are doing math by rolling and adding! Great resource to use during centers or independent work.” – Melanie G.

“I used these sheets with my Kindergarten kids! Mostly because the one I downloaded for free was such a big hit that my son asked to do more! Our tangrams don’t fit them so we colored ours but it was just as engaging that way. Love these worksheets!!” – Erin W.

“I used these mats as centers during our shapes unit in math. The students loved, LOVED making the different shapes using shapes. They requested these mats for many weeks in centers. It helped students with recognition of shapes, using shapes to make other shapes, and it helped with small motor skills (many needed that help). They loved matching the colors of the shapes on the mat to the manipulative shapes.” – Sara J.

“My kids LOVE using pattern blocks, so this resource was a perfect way for them to practice number identification and basic addition skills. Perfect for our center rotations as students could easily play individually or with a partner.” – Hailey C.