Subtraction Write and Wipe Cards


These 128 write and wipe cards are an easy and fun way to teach kids about subtraction. They’re perfect to use as math centers, small group activities or for individual practice.

To play, students grab a write and wipe card showing either 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 objects. They roll a die and cross off that many objects in the picture. Then they write the subtraction problem by filling in the numbers at the bottom of the card.

When kids are ready to take learning one step further, they follow up by writing the complete equation (including the subtraction and equal sign) on a corresponding record sheet. It’s an easy way to differentiate for different learners.



–> LEGO Subtraction

–> Loose Tooth Subtraction

–> Candy Shop Subtraction

–> Lunch Subtraction

–> Bubble Subtraction

–> Penguin Subtraction

–> Bowling Subtraction

–> Magic Subtraction


Get ready for some hands-on fun with math!


“I laminated these and placed them in small group centers. The students loved using their markers and writing in the problem and answers.” – Andrea F.

“The wipe and write format is so helpful! The kids loved playing with these.” – La classe de Mme Matheson

“Just what I was looking for. My students love these at math rotations.” – Ashely S.

“Love this resource. This is perfect for my k-2 self-contained students. Thank you for creating this resource!” – Renslow A.

“Great for RTI group.” – Tammy S.



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