States of Matter Activity Pack


Make learning about states of matter fun for kids with this motivating, easy prep activity pack!



–> Colorful states of matter posters

–> Easy prep science journal for recording results

–> Interactive flap book

–> Clip and sort activity

–> States of matter clip cards

–> 8 hands-on science experiments

–> Rainbow Jar

–> Water Cycle in a Bag

–> Yeast Balloons

–> Ice Excavation

–> Mystery Balloons

–> Butter in a Jar

–> Balloon Balance

–> Ice Cream in a Bag


The ready-to-teach activity pack gives you everything you need to make states of matter engaging and memorable for kids!

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“I used this in my classroom and my kids really enjoyed the activities. Great resource to compliment the states of matter lesson I was teaching. ” – Ana S.

“My students used this resource along with our study for states of matter. They loved the experiments that were included in this unit!” – Tiffany Doss

“Used this to help create a 4th-grade science experience at the high school as part of a community event and a vertical alignment event within our school system!” – Cynthia C.

“I love Playdough to Plato resources and this is no exception to that. The children love the activities and I love the ease in planning and implementing. Thank you!” – Laurie M.

“This pack is so great! My firsties loved the balloon exploration!” – Sarah C.

“One of my most favorite resources I used this year in Science. So many great activities.” – Crissie P.